An Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

What is AI simple definition?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has become very popular in today’s and it’s one of the fastest-growing and popular data-driven technologies being used all around the world. AI refers to human intelligence robots which are designed and built to think and acts like a human’s mind.

Are AI and robotics the same thing? Many of them have this question AI and Robotic are the same thing or robotic is a subset of AI. Here is a blog to get a clear idea about the difference between robotics and artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

  • Works very faster and smarter.
  • Reduction in error rates compared to humans.
  • AI Works 24×7 without any interruption.
  • Can automate the reparative task
  • Decision making will happen very fast by using AI

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • High Cost – AI is fast growing technology so, AI needs day-to-day replacements, machines, and updates for hardware and software. So, it’s cost very high for the organizations    
  • Effects on unemployment – AI Reduces the reparative tasks and works by using robots, so here human interaction becomes less and may cause unemployment
  • Make humans lazy – Artificial Intelligence making humans lazy by automating the work. Now a day’s humans are addicted     to it.  
  • No creative thinking – AI works as per predefined algorithms which they are programmed to do.

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